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Sehrish Chaudhary is a Pakistani Native, a New York City based makeup artist specializing in beauty and character design. She moved to New York City in late 2015, to follow her dreams and make the most of what she’s got.  She studied Fine Arts as her major in College and that’s where her canvases depicted a combination of beauty and magnificent artwork, which played a major role in fascinating her to take it on another level. Various tints, shades and paintbrushes inspired her to use faces as her canvases and a much more satisfying storytelling element.


Sehrish has been freelancing since 2012 as a self-taught make-up artist. She then attended The Makeup Designory (MUD) 2016, completing the Multimedia Program. It was during this intensive training that she designed and created makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots. She designed various numbers of characters that represented stories from different time periods to the very modern time.


She really looks forward on evolving and refining her artist skills along with designing a lot more intricate and magical characters, not just backstage but also as a daily ritual of making people feel the best of what they can. There’s something so special and motivating about what the power of makeup along with what her artist skills can do, such as the smiles it can put on peoples’ faces. To her, nothing is better than that.

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